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My Adler

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • February 26, 2016

For those of you staring at the screen of your smart phone, or at Starbucks with your laptop balanced on your lap while sipping a non-fat vanilla latte with extra squirt, this is a typewriter. It’s what we used to write our books on, or for the more primitive like me, make our hand-written scribbles legible for those we hoped would find favor with our writing.


Now, there are typewriters and there are typewriters. This is an Adler portable, the sweetest little machine you could ask for. It was also my first typewriter, presented to me by my wife when she learned I harbored secret thoughts of following Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Wolfe, and writing the great American novel.

Typewriters made us better writers. You composed your sentences in your mind, edited them, […] READ MORE


Reasons We Write

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • July 22, 2015

Anyone who considers themselves a writer must, at some point, ask themselves why they write. Why do we keep journals, write poems, novels, write articles for magazines and local papers, write letters to the editor?


Perhaps we keep journals in order to explore our own feelings, fears, frustrations, or hopes in our lives. We write articles, or letters to editors of local newspapers to express our concerns on issues, or proselytize others to our views on current issues. We write novels to earn money, gain fame or recognition, create fictitious places we would like to live in, use our characters to express our opinions, and possibly to stroke our egos.


Years ago, I began an autobiography, hoping to answer some of the questions I wish I had asked my own parents before […] READ MORE


On Writing

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • July 22, 2015

When asked if he liked to write Joseph Conrad is said to have answered, “I don’t like to write, I like having written.” I borrowed this quote and used it for years without ever taking the time to think about it. It satisfied my own reluctance to sit down and write, and it went hand in hand with my diagnosis of having ADD.


I’ll admit I love having my quota for the day safely tucked away in a notebook, or in my computer, but I have also found that, once the pencils are sharpened, and the coffee zapped to remove the chill, and there is nothing but procrastination left between me and the keyboard I can force myself to begin. The surprise each time is that I work without effort. My […] READ MORE