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Writing Historical Fiction

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • January 27, 2016

We must first ask ourselves the question, how far into the past does a writer need to go to be defined as an historical fiction writer. If we write about Genghis Khan, who started the Mongol invasions in the twelfth century, or the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, in 1815. We know these events would be classified as historical fiction. But how about the perils of prohibition, or the assassination of President Kennedy? How far removed from today does our story need to be?

Perhaps a definition of historical fiction is in order. H. Scott Dalton defines it as “a fictional story in which elements of history, be they persons, events, or settings, play a role.
He also breaks the definition down into four parts:

1. Depictions of real historical […] READ MORE