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One Women’s Journey Across Canada

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • January 13, 2016

For those who read my post on Barbara Kinscote. Here’s how it all began.
My family moved to Southern California in 1957 where I continued my schooling and then began to work, One day, on a whim, two friend and I decided to drive non-stop to Hamilton, Ontario, to see the parents of one. Picking up a local newspaper i saw this article about a woman named Barbara Bradbury Kinscote. Could not believe it. Got in the car and drove out to the farm where she and her husband and their two young daughters, were raising Arabian horses.
Now we come to 2008 or 2009 sometime and I’m telling my daughter, Heather Hughes, the story. She turns to her computer and Googled Barbara, and we discover the book she has written about her […] READ MORE