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Don’t Ever Hire a Serial Killer

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • January 15, 2018

Robert Liberty liked to kill people.


Looking back at it after all these years I’d have to say Bob didn’t look the part. He didn’t act any different from any other applicant for the job.


I should have known to steer clear of him when I reviewed his application form. No work experience for the last three year, claiming he had been in the hospital.


Okay, so I went further down the form to where it asked if he had ever been arrested.  He checked the “yes” box. The next line asked for what and he had filled in for “murder.” When I asked him to explain, as if this were needed at this point, he said they had labeled to him the “Candlelight Killer.” He had murdered his girlfriend and they found […] READ MORE

Is Hearing Believing?

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • December 13, 2017

Years ago you didn’t need a permit to climb Mt. Whitney (14,505 ft.) You drove up into California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, parked your car, and started up the trail.


I had been up the trail to the top a couple of times. The trail was good although not heavily used, especially in mid-June. So, with the recklessness that comes with youth we drove up the two-ane Highway 395 to the gravel road leading up the side of the mountain to Whitney Portals.


My sister’s husband was in the military and out of the state. She wanted something to help pass the time.


I said, “Let’s go climb Mt. Whitney.”


For all of today’s hiking enthusiast remember this was at a time when you hiked in jeans, cotton T-shirt, wool sweaters for warmth, and carried […] READ MORE


Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • June 29, 2016

I found these notes I put together about thirty five years ago, from the writings of Earl Nightengale.  Every few years I would find the notes and read them again, and marvel at how simple the formula is. Read it over and see what you think.

The SECRET OF SUCCESS, of everyone who is successful, is the fact that they have formed the habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do.

What are the things that failures don’t like to do? They are the things that none of us like to do. It is because of this fact that success is limited to the minority, and is therefore unnatural. In other words we cannot follow our natural likes and dislikes.

Successful people do not like to do the things that they […] READ MORE

The Birth of a Writer

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • June 23, 2016

I would almost guarantee that most of us who write, or who await the day we will shuffle our schedules enough to find the time to write, began our young lives as readers. I know I did.

My mother loved to read.  She joined the Book-of-the-Month Club many years ago, ignoring the criticism of a large family who regarded unnecessary reading as a waste of time. Time they figured could be better spent drinking an endless supply of Molson’s beer.

And so I read. I read sitting in the grass beside her chair in the warm months of summer. I read by the wood-burning stove while the thermometer tacked to the post on the porch read -25 degrees and the snow lay three feet deep on the gravel road, on the outskirts […] READ MORE

My Adler

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • February 26, 2016

For those of you staring at the screen of your smart phone, or at Starbucks with your laptop balanced on your lap while sipping a non-fat vanilla latte with extra squirt, this is a typewriter. It’s what we used to write our books on, or for the more primitive like me, make our hand-written scribbles legible for those we hoped would find favor with our writing.


Now, there are typewriters and there are typewriters. This is an Adler portable, the sweetest little machine you could ask for. It was also my first typewriter, presented to me by my wife when she learned I harbored secret thoughts of following Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Wolfe, and writing the great American novel.

Typewriters made us better writers. You composed your sentences in your mind, edited them, […] READ MORE

A Visit to Acoma – Sky City

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • February 10, 2016

On a two week research trip to New Mexico a few years ago, in preparation for writing “In the Shadow of Vargas,” my first novel in the Land in Turmoil Series. My daughter Heather Hughes and I took a side trip to visit the Acoma Pueblo.
Called Sky City, Acoma has been continually inhabited for over 800 years. It is thought that, as the Anasazi abandoned their villages in places that we know of today as Canyon de Chelly and Mesa Verde, they moved toward the rivers, with some settling on a 365 foot mesa sixty miles west of Albuquerque New Mexico. Here they built their Pueblo, easily defended against the Apache and Navajo predators who roamed the land.
Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, in 1540, was the first European to discover the […] READ MORE

Writing Historical Fiction

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • January 27, 2016

We must first ask ourselves the question, how far into the past does a writer need to go to be defined as an historical fiction writer. If we write about Genghis Khan, who started the Mongol invasions in the twelfth century, or the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, in 1815. We know these events would be classified as historical fiction. But how about the perils of prohibition, or the assassination of President Kennedy? How far removed from today does our story need to be?

Perhaps a definition of historical fiction is in order. H. Scott Dalton defines it as “a fictional story in which elements of history, be they persons, events, or settings, play a role.
He also breaks the definition down into four parts:

1. Depictions of real historical […] READ MORE

One Women’s Journey Across Canada

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • January 13, 2016

For those who read my post on Barbara Kinscote. Here’s how it all began.
My family moved to Southern California in 1957 where I continued my schooling and then began to work, One day, on a whim, two friend and I decided to drive non-stop to Hamilton, Ontario, to see the parents of one. Picking up a local newspaper i saw this article about a woman named Barbara Bradbury Kinscote. Could not believe it. Got in the car and drove out to the farm where she and her husband and their two young daughters, were raising Arabian horses.
Now we come to 2008 or 2009 sometime and I’m telling my daughter, Heather Hughes, the story. She turns to her computer and Googled Barbara, and we discover the book she has written about her […] READ MORE


Reasons We Write

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • July 22, 2015

Anyone who considers themselves a writer must, at some point, ask themselves why they write. Why do we keep journals, write poems, novels, write articles for magazines and local papers, write letters to the editor?


Perhaps we keep journals in order to explore our own feelings, fears, frustrations, or hopes in our lives. We write articles, or letters to editors of local newspapers to express our concerns on issues, or proselytize others to our views on current issues. We write novels to earn money, gain fame or recognition, create fictitious places we would like to live in, use our characters to express our opinions, and possibly to stroke our egos.


Years ago, I began an autobiography, hoping to answer some of the questions I wish I had asked my own parents before […] READ MORE


On Writing

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • July 22, 2015

When asked if he liked to write Joseph Conrad is said to have answered, “I don’t like to write, I like having written.” I borrowed this quote and used it for years without ever taking the time to think about it. It satisfied my own reluctance to sit down and write, and it went hand in hand with my diagnosis of having ADD.


I’ll admit I love having my quota for the day safely tucked away in a notebook, or in my computer, but I have also found that, once the pencils are sharpened, and the coffee zapped to remove the chill, and there is nothing but procrastination left between me and the keyboard I can force myself to begin. The surprise each time is that I work without effort. My […] READ MORE