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After moving to Southern California as a young man, Bergeron found inspiration in the rich cultural heritage of the Spanish Southwest, and the inevitable clash with westward-bound Americans.


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When William MacLeod, a member of an American fur trapping party, is forced into Spanish New Mexico to seek help for a wounded companion, he finds love and encounters a vengeance that will test his power to fulfill the promises he made.

Maria de Cordero, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy hacienda owner, is promised in marriage to another, but she makes the fateful mistake of falling in love with the young American. When her secret visit to MacLeod’s jail cell is discovered, the man who lustfully awaits their marriage, Miguel Griego, captain of the governor’s own militia, seeks his revenge against this insult to his name.

Can MacLeod find a way to escape, and save Maria from what her family believes is a fate worse than death?


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“No William, there is no time. Give this to him when he is old enough to understand. It is all I have to give him.”


Without food or water, and with a child strapped to his back, William MacLeod searches for a way across the Mohave Desert in search of a route to the land called Alta California. But he is not welcomed by the ruling forces, and when his son is abducted by a fanatical priest, who believes the child’s soul is in danger, MacLeod finds himself confronted at every turn by autocratic officials in his search for his son in this vast empty land.


Across his path are thrown two women, one having been cast from her home by her family, and living in a stick and tule hovel, the other a beautiful young woman taken off the streets of Vera Cruz, who now lives among the elite of Alta California’s society. And standing between MacLeod and the end of his search is a Frenchman, who believes every challenge to his honor must be met by force.


If he is to find his son and return with him to his home in Boston, MacLeod must discover a way to overcome these challenges while staying out of the hands of the authorities.

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Don’t Ever Hire a Serial Killer

Posted by E. Paul Bergeron • January 15, 2018

Robert Liberty liked to kill people.


Looking back at it after all these years I’d have to say Bob didn’t look the part. He didn’t act any different from any other applicant for the job.


I should have known to steer clear of him when I reviewed his application form. No work experience for the last three year, claiming he had been in the hospital.


Okay, so I went further down the form to where it asked if he had ever been arrested.  He checked the “yes” box. The next line asked for what and he had filled in for “murder.” When I asked him to explain, as if this were needed at this point, he said they had labeled to him the “Candlelight Killer.” He had murdered his girlfriend and they found […] READ MORE